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Next Steps Movement Studio is all about fun, learning and movement!

We've created a program that addresses the physical needs of young families and provides a supportive and nurturing environment for both parents and their little ones to enjoy fun and engaging gymnastics based movement classes.

Our classes have been designed to enhance and develop important fundamental movement skills for babies, toddlers and pre-school aged children.

In addition, we run Kangatraining classes where parents bond with their children through exercise while wearing their babies in a carrier or sling.

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 From flipping to flopping and everything in between, our classes are like confidence boot camps! 

With each move mastered, challenges conquered, and high-fives exchanged, our athletes level up their swagger both on and off the mat! Join the fun and unleash your inner superstar – confidence never felt this awesome.


 Building coordination skills through activities like gymnastics fosters physical development and enhances motor skills, setting a solid foundation for sports, academics, and everyday tasks. Plus, it boosts confidence and self-esteem as your child masters new skills.

For new mums, improving coordination in exercise classes can aid in postpartum recovery, helping regain strength and stability after childbirth.

Social Skills

Join a Next Steps class and join a community that boosts social skills to the max! Our gymnastics classes teach teamwork, communication, and collaboration!  Meanwhile, Kangatraining brings new mums together, bonding over motherhood while boosting confidence and self-esteem! Get ready for stronger social connections, both in and out of the gym! 

Healthy habits for life

As parents we want the absolute best for our children and this is why implementing regular movement and exercise at a young age is so important. You really are giving your little one a headstart in regards to balance, coordination, social skills and overall development. All Next Steps classes have been created to address the fundamental movement skills for each age group.


The importance of early movement



Kanga & Bears

For Mums & Bubs

Kangatraining is a baby wearing workout during which both cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and muscular capacity and strength are enhanced.

Unlike traditional exercise classes, new mums need not worry about finding a babysitter or minding an unsettled baby during class because the babies are worn on them and get to be part of the action!

We follow up the Kangatraining class with our Bouncing Bears class which is a blend of baby gymnastics, baby yoga and circle time discussions.

Enjoy a couple of worthwhile hours out of the house getting your groove on and meeting other new Mums in your area.

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Tumbling Tigers

Walking to 2.5 years old

The toddler gymnastics class is perfect for our new walkers and movers and offers an interactive and bonding experience for both parents and their little ones.

During these sessions, children will embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, and play, all while developing fundamental movement skills that lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy physical activity.

Watch as your little one tries to balance on the beam or learns their first forward roll or masters their monkeys toes on the bar.

This is 30 minutes of laughs, chaos and a great time spent bonding with your tiger!

Baby in Playroom

Rolling Rhinos

2.5 to 3.5 year olds

Burn out your toddler’s energy with our Rolling Rhinos gymnastics class! We have so much fun rolling, tumbling, climbing, and bouncing through our challenging and fun-filled circuits.

We alternate between different themed lesson plans which ignites their imaginative play and allows the opportunity to introduce new skills and activities each fortnight.

This is a parent assisted class where you can bond over fun, fitness and all things movement.

Next Steps provides a safe and engaging environment for your rhino to explore their bodies, build coordination, and foster a lifelong love for physical fitness.

Child Activity

Moving Monkeys

3.5 to 4.5 year olds

Our Moving Monkeys class is designed for our energetic 3.5- to 4.5-year-olds and is the perfect class to introduce your child to the exciting world of gymnastics in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment.

Focusing on teamwork, cooperation, and socialization through group activities and games, helping children build essential social skills while making new friends.

Get ready for lots of ‘look at me’ moments as your child learns new skills and challenges each week making them eager to come back for more gymnastics fun!

Girls Doing Push-Ups

Crazy Crocs

Preschool age

Crazy Crocs is a skill based class where your athlete will begin to learn the basics of gymnastics. With a focus on school readiness our activities aim to build resilience, social skills, and confidence in preparation for their next chapter.

We implement games, team work activities and age appropriate challenges in every class which provides opportunities to listen to instructions, communicate effectively with their coach and peers and demonstrate independence.


Coach Kylie has a Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness and is a fully qualified gymnastics coach. With over 20 years experience in the gymnastics industry, and in particular working with new parents and children, Kylie delivers a fun, energetic and educational class to keep you and your little one engaged and wanting more gymnastics fun, time and time again!


Understanding the importance and the many benefits that movement can bring, Kylie decided to create Next Steps Movement Studio as a platform to encourage and support children and new Mums to incorporate movement and exercise into their daily routines.

Next Steps strives to inspire a healthier and more active lifestyle for both children and new mums!

Bec Dillon

"Kylie is hilarious, full of life and we love coming to her classes! I think I might actually like it more than my kids... if that's even possible!"

Kerry Hogan

"We have 2 kids, a 2 year old and a 4 year old and Kylie is the highlight of both of their weeks! She is always really encouraging and the excitement she has being a part of their growth is obviously why she loves what she does"

Grant Hill

"Our son has special needs and Coach Ky is very attentive to his requirements and has really helped him to focus and make him feel like part of the group"
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